Year of writing: 2017
A crime drama about very intimate issues
Total cast size: 4 (4 f)
childhood, death, friendship, family, dispute

FROM SLAVKO GRUM AWARD JURY'S JUSTIFICATION: In this crime drama addressing very intimate issues three sisters are clearing the flat of their deceased mother. As the three siblings are tackling this task, black bin bags are being filled with objects whilst the atmosphere in the room is becoming saturated with memories and long supressed resentments. Various items from the inheritance reveal jealousy between the characters, childhood grudges that continue to control the relationships even in adulthood and a ray of child-like naivety with no future. The unveiling of resentments from the past is interrupted when the characters find an unfamiliar object: a gaudy bikini. The invasion of the unknown momentarily unites the antagonistically inclined sisterhood against a common enemy. But the inevitable exposure of family secrets means the sisters conclusively take opposite sides. Despite the morbid circumstances the play’s action is a transition from moments of naïve child-like fascination and sincere sisterly love to irreconcilable hatred and includes all the nuances of attachment, friendship, love, discontent, disappointment and anger. The dialogue is dynamic:  short lines and quick exchanges are complemented with pauses and emotionally charged silences.; they are deepened by soliloquies. So, dramatic tension does not rely only on the content but is built on the changes of tempo and rhythm of speech. The small, exclusively female cast of characters from different generations is an opportunity for actors to achieve their tour de force in this play.

Boštjan Dvořák


Language of translation: German

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