Three Sisters A black comedy from family life

Year of writing: 2002
This comedy features a professor of Russian language, a fanatical lover of Chekhov who, for this reason, not only owns a cherry orchard, but his three daughters are named after the Three Sisters (Olga, Irina and Masha). At his golden wedding anniversary, the daughters are shocked by the parents’ decision to file for an uncontested divorce.
Total cast size: 7 (4 f, 3 m)
interpersonal relations, family, divorce

In this black comedy, with a whiff of Chekhov, Vinko Möderndorfer aims at the core of a “normal” family where dreams and wishes of parents and children often remain unfulfilled. A modern-day family is, just like the characters from the plays of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, trapped in long discussions about the state of things and the world.

Also, it is within a family where the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of each individual are revealed and most often ruthlessly exploited.

Barbara Budin

Drei Schwestern Eine schwarze Komödie aus dem Familienleben

Language of translation: German

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