A Little Night Quartet

Year of writing: 2013
"The play takes place every night from 11.14 p.m. to 11.34 p.m. and from 3.56 a.m. to 5.04 a.m.”
Total cast size: 4 (2 f, 2 m)
ethical dilemmas, family, money, organ donation

The play features two families of different socio-economic standings and nationalities. Bosnian immigrants Mejra and Emir have a son who had been in an accident, whilst the daughter of the rich Slovenian couple Andrej and Barbara, is very ill and needs a heart transplant. One fateful night, the two couples face a crucial decision over the life and death of their children. One of the questions this deeply moving story raises is, whether money really can buy anything, even a child’s heart?

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