In the Country One happy folk buffoonery with a hint of crime

Year of writing: 2001
"Don’t go fooling around with Linhart now, mother! Europe awaits!"
Total cast size: 12 (3 f, 9 m)
comedy, buffoonery
current social picture of the world, capitalism, Linhart, crime

The action is set on a tourist farm led by a mother and daughter. It soon becomes evident that this is no ordinary tourist farm as its guests are many interesting and eccentric people. In a seemingly idyllic environment, two criminal gangs set up a secret meeting to close a stolen arms deal but their plans are thwarted by the police minister and his assistant. The circumstances demand that everyone takes part in a staging of two popular old plays Micka, the Mayor’s Daughter and This Merry Day of Matiček’s Wedding*. The action gets more and more complicated with every moment. In the Country is a skilful mix of comedy elements and current affairs and holds up a mirror to society. Its author uses a humorous approach to portray political corruption and the troubles of small towns.

Michal Babiak

Vidiecky turzimus Veselá ľudová fraška s kriminálnou príchuťou

Language of translation: Slovak

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*Both these plays are known as original works of Anton Tomaž Linhart and considered the first two comedies written in Slovenian language, even though Linhart adapted the first one from German writer Joseph Richter’s Die Feldmùhle and the latter one from Beaumarchais’ comedy The Marriage of Figaro. Both works are still regularly performed in Slovenia and remain popular with local audiences, professionals and amateur dramatic clubs)

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