Simona Semenič    

rowan, strudel, dance and then some

Year of writing: 2017
"Assumption day, 1963 in the village of Vipava valley"
Total cast size: 14 (7 f, 7 m)

+ a group of villagers


wide audiences
love, interpersonal relations, humour, historical topic, rural environment, eroticism, desire

In a village in Vipava region, preparations for two events are afoot: Assumption of Mary Day mass expected to be given by the bishop and a celebration of border guard officers that the secretary of Executive Committee is supposed to be attending. Years ago, he had an affair with a woman from the village and they now have a son born out of wedlock. It is on the day of the celebration that this son is returning home after years of being away. It soon becomes clear that the villagers are willing to give up their values pretty quickly, regardless which side they have been on, and that their seemingly exemplary lives are often only a pretence.

At first, rowan, strudel, dance and then some seems to be a play about a historical period (1960s) and the manifestation of the basic Slovenian polarization (clergy vs. liberal caucus) in Vipava valley. But as it unfolds, the play becomes a portrait of the contemporary Slovenian society, where ideological beliefs can easily be replaced by pragmatical advantages. This is an intense play that constantly switches between different times and locations, and in this way resembles more a film script than a stage play.

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