Simona Semenič    

That's not it

Year of writing: 2019
This is a complicated story: many events and deaths, a number of interesting characters and several twists, a truly dramatic plot. This story resembles a polyphonic musical piece; it is very much like a madrigal.
Total cast size: 12 (7 f, 5 m)

+ zbor igralcev in igralk

intertextual references, female perspective, breaking dramatic conventions, theatre, violence

The narrator and the four protagonists, Sofiя, Maria. Lucija, and Furija, are writing the story live whilst it is meant to be taking place on stage. Action takes off but then it is interrupted only to start again from the beginning. The ideas come from known – real or fictional – stories. It seems actually as if all the stories have already been written, or better, as if all stories have an identical or a similar ending. Unnamed male characters keep interfering in the story with their comments. This cycle, playing with theatrical conventions rules and dramatic form, holds its focus on the woman: adulterer, sinner, inadequate, inappropriate, unaccustomed, inapt. The woman who needs to be tamed, calmed, changed and ultimately – if there is no other way – killed ... Just like the story itself that keeps searching for a better version of itself »something more telling, more important and deeper …« And during this searching winter is passing by, and then spring, and summer, and autumn … And the story is not over yet.