Simona Semenič    

Killing me tenderly

Year of writing: 2012
What is pulp fiction and what is the truth? – Based on a film script by Franček Rudolf.
Total cast size: 7 (2 f, 5 m)
love triangle, fake morals

An eccentric Aunty lives in n an old villa by the seaside. She is a translator of pulp fiction and lover of fast cars and popular dancing. Her nephew David, a biologist and scientist, comes to visit with his wife Julia, who is a nymphomaniac. Shortly after, the young Cita, a publishing house employee, also comes to the house to help Aunty with her work. There is, however, very little actual work going on. The love rectangle of the four characters a series of uncontrollable outbursts of passion start happening, dragging them all into a whirl of bizarre forms of love and hatred, shuddering exotic experience, mysterious deaths and murders …

The text is an adaptation of a film script by Franček Rudolf for director Boštjan Hladnik’s film with the same title. Simona Semenič added a touch of the most luring formula to the characters and the dialogue spicing them with the genre of soap opera. The characters relationships are structured according to the soap rules and their dialogues sound just like those heard in Mexican soap series. This genre has been tackled by most of the media lately, television channels are using it when conveying daily news or in producing reality shows.

Witty and non-conventional situations, scenes of likeable gimcrack and floods of preposterous insipidity are deftly tracing the thin line between the world of reality and the fantasy land… A relevant topic yet again: challenging, breaking taboos and exposing fake morality and make-believe 'justice'.