Christmas tale A play in three acts

"The holes in the sky will not be patched by stars on their own accord!"
Total cast size: 8 (3 f, 5 m)
violence, faith, family, poverty, incest, fake morals, suicide, murder

Joži, her mentally disabled daughter Mariči and her grandson Izidor live In a derelict house outside the village. Joži is sick and jobless, her husband recently hanged himself and the family lives in great poverty. There are visitors constantly showing up at the house – both real people as well as ghosts of the dead, who were one way or another linked to the family. Through their visits we gradually learn about the tragic and shivering family story. This also reveals the truth about the mysteries of the missing persons who had been in contact with the family. The play paints a picture of a cruel contemporary world and capitalist society based on fake morality, individualism, selfishness and exploitation.