Brussels hotel A comic blasphemy

Year of writing: 2003
‘’Here! This is the list of all our wishes. Give and take. Countertrade. We want it all: forests, houses, buildings, schools, estates, newspapers, television, all radio frequencies, banks, enterprises, heavy industry and lake Bled …’’
Total cast size: 14 (5 f, 9 m)
capitalism, church, politics, corruption, avarice, gluttony

The play starts with a debauched party, which is suddenly interrupted by Cardinal Paul. It turns out that the party was taking place in some peculiar venue and had quite unexpected organisers. Debauchery continues also in Brussels, where the Cardinal sends his delegation in order to speed up the process of denationalisation with the highest authorities and seize the shares of the Catholic Slovenia Inc. In a Brussels hotel, a series of comic situations and events full of mistakes takes place. In the end, the Cardinal and his assistants achieve their purpose. It turns out however, that their success was the result of an entirely different person’s lobbying.