Year of writing: 2014
“We live in demented times. In an era where the whole of our civilisation suffers from dementia.”
Total cast size: 11 (6 f, 5 m)
illness, current social picture of the world, family, intergenerational relations, dementia

The two settings of this comedy are a wooden cottage of a young tycoon Matija and an old people’s home where Matija’s grandmother lives. Due to unpaid tax and other fraudulent acts, Matija is in danger of having all his assets confiscated which is why he rushes to transfer his entire property onto his senile grandmother. Through the action we get to know Matija’s broken family and the sprightly life of his grandmother in the old people’s home. And it is never made entirely clear if the grandmother’s dementia is real or not. Alas, when Matija demands his property back, it turns out his grandmother had sold it all and used the money to buy plane tickets to Greenland where she intends to go with her fellow residents from the home.

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