Dead Souls A red-and-black play

Year of writing: 2004
A bitterly funny play aimed at Slovenia in its present time, where some continue to earn political gain with the corpses of the wretched past.
Total cast size: 14 (4 f, 10 m)

+ mourners, singers

drama, comedy, satire
politics, death, reconciliation, political polarisation

A family company of funeral directors Here Rests Ltd. responds to a public call issued by the Ministry of Environment to excavate, identify and perform a group burial of victims of World War Two. In their bid, the company includes falsified information to give the best possible impression. The call attracts three complete applications which are assessed by the minister and two senior government officials. Due to their fraudulent information Here Rests Ltd. is the company that gets the job. As soon as the excavation starts in Kočevje forest, politicians get involved, wanting to paint a picture that many more people died there, both resistance partisans as well as collaborators. It isn’t until the funeral day when the truth comes out.

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