A nostalgic comedy Komična pripoved o času in ljudeh

Year of writing: 2008
A Nostalgic Comedy about yearning fort times past, for emotions felt for one antoher, for things gone and most of all, for the life that is running out.
Total cast size: 8 (4 f, 4 m)
love, inter-partner relations, marriage, evanescence

A Nostalgic Comedy is constructed as an interlacement of scenes from three different periods in the life of a couple. This is a life account of a couple, each of them remembering in their own way the same events from their time together. We meet them when they are young and in love with each other; then in their early middle age when they are starting a family; and finally, as an elderly couple who succeeded in overcoming all their life storms. We learn about things they had in common and issues that drew them apart; we are drawn deep into their relationship, the problems and joys of their life. Their views of the shared past are different, each has memorised important events and interpreted them in their own way. Old man and Old woman have a different perception of their relationship during their life, but in their conversations and memories there is still something they have in common: a nostalgia, a yearning for times that are long gone; for emotions that they felt for each other; for things that exist no more; for life that is running out.