Landscape No. 2

Year of writing: 1995
Gaber’s are a wealthy family, living in a new house, richly furnished, located in a trendy suburban area, with a well maintained back-garden and a finely trimmed lawn at the front. But this is only a façade for a number of hidden problems.
Total cast size: 5 (2 f, 3 m)
interpersonal relations, family, estrangement, crime

Erika, the wife, is a housewife and a mother. She fills her clinically clean and cold home with a variety of exotic and other plants. These are her only passion and her main occupation. Because her husband is a wealthy and influential businessman, working at the ministry, all other residents of the building exploit Erika, asking her for favours whilst mocking her behind her back. She lends them money they never pay back and uses her contacts to arrange employment for all of them.

Jon, the son, is the renegade in the family as he has no specific ambitions and he is somewhat lazy and musing. He spent the money his parents intended for his elite education for a plane ticket to India. He despises his mother’s lack of perspective and his father’s greed for profit.  

Mister Gaber built his fortune through years of illegal business, money-laundering, bribes and tax avoidance.

But there comes a day when his long-standing colleague reveals that internal management started an investigation and they are on to him.

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