Bedroom or Saint George Killing the Dragon A play

“We have abolished old values and never invented new ones.”
Total cast size: 3 (1 f, 2 m)
love, love triangle, inter-partner relations

In the bedroom, “where everything begins and ends”, where “there are no limits, no obstacles and no masks”, where “anything goes”, a crucial confrontation between two spouses and a lover is taking place. Resentments that have been suppressed for years, a chasm between the expectations of those involved and the differences in interpretation of love and married life are all being revealed. Bedroom, the place of sensuality and eroticism becomes the setting for emotional manipulations, evasion and role playing. The characters take turns in the positions of power and supremacy throughout and what seems like a revelation or the final truth, soon turns out to be psychological toying, a lie or at least an illusion.

Full script can be accessed via Digital Library of Slovenia.

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