Transvestite marriage

Year of writing: 1992
"Transvestism is theatre! Transvestism is life! Transvestism is also a ‘philosophy’'. But above all, it is a comedy. A situation comedy to absorb in one breath.”
Total cast size: 6 (2 f, 4 m)
current social picture of the world, love triangle, intergenerational relations, homosexuality, parody

The great lover Žare regularly uses his friend Luka’s apartment for his love affairs. This time, his plans are thwarted by Luka’s parents. Luka’s father, who is shortsighted, feels relieved when he finds a beautiful woman in the apartment, as he was convinced his son was not into women. The story is full of unexpected twists, lies and deceptions. The end however, is a happy one. The play deals with taboos that remain an issue in the society, even nowadays. Transvestism can also be a metaphor for searching and discovering one’s true self.