The tunnel One actual play in thirteen scenes

Year of writing: 2010
“All this world is not for real; all this fucking sunny country … Triglav is not for real; these houses and blocks of flats; these lawns and trees; crossroads and banks; monuments and violets; jobs and factories. Even bread and milk are fake. And you, girls, you want something for real.”
Total cast size: 6 (2 f, 4 m)

+ morski prašiček

young adults, grown-ups

teenager’s issues, current social picture of the world, violence, lies and truths

A group of teenagers are killing their time doing nothing. At first sight, their conversations seem to make no sense. They reveal, however, their problems and needs, which are the consequence of poverty, bad family conditions, lack of love, and different forms of abuse. One day, Nana and Čiči kidnap ‘a dinosaur’, who is actually an old man from the neighbourhood. The teenagers decide he should pay for all the bad things happening to them. They want to punish him by stoning him, but the mute called Tihi (Silent) stops them. The group breaks up realising that violence is no solution.