Choir Practice A three-act comedy including a choir and shooting

Year of writing: 1996
This play is both a comedy and a satire. It aims to be a comedy mostly where it speaks through comic characters and situations. It is a satire where it reminds us of scenes from our everyday life and daily politics.
Total cast size: 12 (4 f, 8 m)
class and cultural criticism of the society, Slovenian identity, capitalism, indigenous people, satire

Peter recently graduated in music and finds a position as choirmaster in a remote small town. He is endorsed by the mayor, who sees a good quality choir as a way to win votes. Peter also enjoys the support of businessman Eržen, a great football fan, who is forced to subsidise the choir due to provincial circumstances. On arrival, Peter is disappointeda she was convinced he would be running a big choir but is met only by a small number of singers. Soon, he gets romantically involved with one of the singers, an affair which does not remain secret in a small town. Peter fails because he does not understand that money can buy absolutely anything. The play is a meticulous mix of intimate relationships and those, pertaining to the wider society. It is full of funny references to Slovenian society.

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